Blushing is an Austin, Texas based dream pop / shoegaze quartet comprised of two husband
and wife pairs that originated in the summer of 2015 when Michelle Soto (guitar, vocals) shared a few songs that she had been writing with long time friend Christina Carmona (vocals, bass).
A friendship quickly became a musical partnership as Christina, a classically trained vocalist, picked up a bass and together they evolved those rough songs into fully formed compositions. They then enlisted the talents of their spouses, Jake Soto (drums), Noe Carmona (guitar) and shortly after self-released their debut EP "Tether" in January of 2017.

Energized by positive reception, a growing fan base and a grip of new songs they headed back into the studio as soon as possible. They recorded their follow-up EP “Weak” at Bad Wolf Recordings in Austin. The album encompasses influences from all of the bands they collectively share a deep affection for such as Lush, Cocteau Twins, The Sundays, etc.

“Weak” was released digitally, on cassette and 12” vinyl January 26th 2018 on Austin Town Hall Records.  Photography by Jacob Soto.